Parent Consulting

AuTopia’s approach is holistic and consists of the following building blocks:

  • Parent coaching in the home environment
  • Communication via phone / email / Skype between on-site visits
  • School and teacher consulting
  • Collaboration with therapists (occupational/speech/physical therapists)
  • Regular meetings with parents and professionals to maintain a holistic support system
The program usually starts with an3-day initial consultation at your home. We will complete a comprehensive of your child’s skills and challenges as well as monitor and analyze possible challenging behavior. Based on the assessment and observations we will put together an individual behavior and learning program. You will then be taught to implement this program into your every-day life.
The program will be revised or updated during regular follow-up consultations.
If you have any questions or problems between consultations we will be there to help you via phone, Skype, or e-mail.





In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn.

(Phil Colins)