Goals Include

Learning to learn
  • Building a relationship with your child
  • Building motivation to learn (from others)
  • Pro-social skills (for example, communication skills)
  • Replacing challenging behavior (for example, aggression towards self or others)
Self-awareness and independence
  • Broadening of interests
  • Independence with Activities of Daily Living (toilet training, personal hygiene, etc.)
  • Understanding own strengths and challenges (learning about own diagnosis)
  • Teaching communication through Verbal Behavior methods
  • Motor/verbal imitation
  • Learning to express needs/ Mand training
  • Receptive language
  • Augmented and Alternative Communication (AAC), i.e.sign language, PECS, talker, etc.
Social interaction
  • Play skills
  • Every-day social skills, like reciprocal communication and interactive play
  • Social interactions, cooperation, mindfulness, and consideration for others
  • Theory of Mind training
Other goals
  • School-readiness
  • Motor Skills and body awareness
  • Visual and temporal organization skills to work independently